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Jason,Lana Sharapova – Jason,Lana Sharapova


Lana Sharapova is in the midst of telling off her cheating now-ex boyfriend when her stepbrother walks in on the conversation. Lana is understandably heartbroken because her ex cheated in the shittiest way possible. She’s also pissed and she wants revenge. She recruits her stepbrother’s help. She asks him if she can take some pictures with his dick to post online so her ex sees it and realizes she’s moved on. When Lana offers to make her stepbro cum if he’ll help her, he relents and lets her have her pictures.After giving her stepbrother a BJ during which she takes all the selfies she could want, Lana peels off her shirt and shorts so she can make good on her promise to make her bro cum. She keeps on blowing him while she takes a few more pictures, then climbs into bed so her stepbro can bang her shaved fuck hole. When her stepbrother lays down, Lana takes the opportunity to hop on his cock and start riding him.Climbing off her brother’s hardon, Lana sucks her own juices from his shaft before she rolls onto her belly. That position lets her stepbro bang her from behind as Lana spreads her ass for him. Eventually he can’t help but take the unspoken invitation to shove his thumb into Lana’s anus to really bring her pleasure to its peak. Alternating between plugging both of his sister’s holes and pulling out to rub his fuck stick between Lana’s ass cheeks, the stepbrother brings Lana off and then fills her pussy up with a shot of hot cum.



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Date: August 30, 2019
Actors: Jason / Lana Sharapova