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Alex Puller,Paris White – Alex Puller,Paris White


Paris White is waiting when her adopted uncle goes to check on a condo that he’s trying to rent out. She has been crashing there and her stuff is everywhere. Paris’s uncle tries to get her to understand the severity of the situation, but Paris is more interested in sharing that she masturbates all day and that she has a great solution to his unhappiness. Dropping the towel that is her only covering, Paris gets on her knees and claims that her uncle doesn’t need to call anyone because she’s super horny and is ready to have some fun.It takes a bit of coaxing, but Paris gets her uncle to put the phone away and let her pull out his hard dick. She demonstrates just how horny she is by opening her mouth wide to start sucking him off between her hot lips. After a deep throat blowjob, she lets him slide his fingers into her twat to see how wet she is. Then she takes her uncle back to the bedroom where she lays down on the bed and spreads her thighs so he can slide into her tight nubile pussy. Hopping onto her uncle’s dick, Paris works out her horniness by going for one wild ride. After watching Paris ride him cowgirl and in reverse cowgirl, the uncle isn’t about to let her stop until he has had the chance to nut. Paris is happy to make sure it’s all about her uncle. On her back, she spends plenty of time licking the head of his cock until he covers her face in a shower of jizz that leaves her sticky and satisfied. Too bad for both of them that this doesn’t solve the problem of people coming to view the condo.



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Date: September 6, 2019